Taking over his father’s business at age 21 in 1893, Alfred Dunhill began to transform the family’s saddlery into an accessory store for the latest and hottest item on the market—automobiles . Along with horns, lamps and dashboard clocks, Dunhill also offered other “necessities” for the driver such as leather overcoats, goggles and gloves.

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Moving onto a new venture in 1907, Dunhill opened a tobacco shop followed by his own pipe factory in 1910. The Dunhill smoke shop proved to be successful and eventually offered luxury items such as Alfred Dunhill White Spot pipes (1915), the Unique lighter—the first of its kind that could be operated with one hand (1927) and the Rollagas butane light (1956). Dunhill began manufacturing its own brand of cigarettes in 1963.

History of the brand Alfred Dunhill

The company eventually opened a series of retail emporiums geared especially for men. Known as “Homes” these locations allowed their clients to live the brand and offered everything from retail (clothing, luxury accessories and fine wines), to a barber shop, bar or restaurant, screening room and spa services. Dunhill fragrances, like their other products, are meant to provide an element of luxury to the lives of their male clients—their first cologne was introduced in 1934. All fragrances are now manufactured and marketed by Procter and Gamble and include the popular and refreshing Desire, the spicy D, the sparking Desire Blue, the clean and aromatic Dunhill, the sophisticated Dunhill London and the exciting X-Centric.Purchasing Alfred Dunhill from is quick, simple, and fits any budget!

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