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Leading American fashion designer, Michael Kors is a name constantly associated with luxury accessories, sportswear and perfumes. The Michael Kors label was born in 1981 and after a successful 34 years, the brand launched their first fragrance in 2005 ‘Island Michael Kors’. Discover our collection of Michael Kors perfumes.

History of the Michael Kors brand

The son of a former model who often accompanied his mother on shopping trips to specialty boutiques in the heart of chic in New York City, American-born designer Michael Kors learned at a young age that what looks best on women are simple, understated, yet elegant clothes . He took this lesson with him to the Fashion Institute of Technology, where he found himself working in sales for the boutiques he visited as a child. In 1981, at 22 years of age, Kors launched his own lines of women’s wear. He was named the first ever ready-to-wear designer and creative director at the French fashion house Celine in 1997, where he turned the house around with his critically acclaimed designs and notable accessories. Emphasis was once again put on his own label with his launch of a men’s wear line in 2002 as well as two other lines in 2004.
In 2001, in partnership with Estée Lauder, he launched his line of Michael Kors perfume for women with Michael, an enticing combination of tuberose and musk. Later that same year, he released his first Michael Kors cologne for men with Michael for Men, a sultry blend of fir resin and suede. Since 2001, Michael Kors perfumes and colognes have continued to excite industry professionals and discerning customers alike. Other additions to his fragrance collection include the Island perfume series. Let yourself be seduced by the tiare flower and hibiscus of Island Bermuda or the decadent white fig and cool olive tree of Island Capri. Evoke glam and style with the Hollywood series of Michael Kors perfumes and surround yourself with the delicate gardenia and warm amber of Very Hollywood. Sophisticated yet fun, seductive and fresh, there is a Michael Kors fragrance for everyone.

A Michael Kors Fragrance for the Modern Woman in Baku

Michael Kors Perfume by Michael Kors, When developing Michael by Michael Kors, perfume masters have attempted the impossible: trapping a blend of global ideas on femininity in one bottle . With its flowery notes and spicy undertones, the Michael Kors signature perfume is for women who need a casual fragrance for the office, day-to-day errands, and daily use. It is one of the best and most versatile day-wear options available, offering a rich but relaxed scent that embodies both simplicity and modernity at once. Choose this option for yourself or a woman in your life who is both elegant and easygoing.
This Michael Kors fragrance is for ladies who want to exude personality and confidence. Wearing this fragrance is about being traditional and polite but in an exotic and sensual way. It’s about consolidating the contradictions of being a modern lady into one smooth, appealing fragrance. It’s surprisingly versatile in its uses as well. Whether you’re traveling to a foreign locale, holding a meeting at an office, or enjoying the evening out, this scent suits the situation. For everyday, every-season wear, this will likely become your next favorite perfume. Michael Kors has certainly captured lightning in a bottle!

The Scents of Michael Kors Original Perfume in Larose.az

Creamy floral fragrances make up the top notes, but even these are diverse: tuberose, dewy freesia, blue orris, and white peony. Moroccan incense adds a surprising, smoky counterpoint, as cashmere woods, vetiver, and musk provide a voluptuous finish. In addition, you may catch middle and base notes of Chinese osmanthus, tamarind, and lilies. This multicultural blend provides the perfect feminine perfume for a lady, which is possibly why it’s one of the most beloved Michael Kors perfumes for women.

Give the Gift of Feminine Confidence

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