Thierry Mugler himself came to visit the Clarins group to propose making his first fragrance. Having revolutionized the world of fashion, the designer wanted a partner that could bring his brand to life through a fragrance.
Ballet dancer, interior designer, architecture enthusiast, photographer, art director, stylist. Thierry Mugler turns luxury world upside down and instills excess and freedom in everything he creates.

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The result of the meeting between Thierry Mugler and Jacques Courtin-Clarins is called Angel. A fragrance never tasted or felt before, with notes of childhood memories, in a star-shaped bottle.
Angel has since been joined by three other fragrances. The masculine A*Men personifies half-man, half-god heroes. Alien, the second largest women`s fragrance for the brand, maintains the brand`s tradition of luxury and extravagance. Alongside Angel, it is the second Mugler fragrance to rank in the top 10 best-selling women`s fragrances in Europe*. Lastly, Womanity, the first eco-designed fragrance celebrates femininity all over the world.
Since 2014, a new wind has been blowing through the MUGLER Paris couture workshops, under the imaginative direction of David Koma who expresses all the refinement of the MUGLER woman.

History of the brand Thierry Mugler

The house’s iconic codes born of the quintessence of Thierry Mugler’s genius have been revised and reworked to create a new modern, strong and independent woman. With all of his distinctive expertise, David Koma brings out the brilliance of a wardrobe whose architectural precision and subtle contrasts take bold, dynamic style to new heights. Today, Thierry Mugler`s love of architecture, the taste for provocation, creative freedom and rare intuition inspire fashion and perfume creations for the group.

Thierry Mugler in Baku

With a past life as a professional dancer and interior decorator, French designer Thierry Mugler found his calling in 1972 when at the young age of 24, but older through his various life experiences, he was hired by the firm Moonlighting to design their Italian ready to wear line . The next year Mugler was able design under his own label but it was not until the late 1970s that his work garnered seriously attention. Mugler was among the movement in the late 1970s and 1980s known for providing the world with unique and extravagant fashions that defined the era. Wide padded shoulders, slim waistlines, exaggerated collars and solid colors influenced by futuristic worlds and unusual textile pairings were his norm for the greater part of a decade and when the 1990s rolled around Mugler was not able to make the immediate 180 degree transition. Instead of being left behind in the wasteland of yesterday, Mulgler was able to turn to fragrances as his new medium of expression.

The Scents of Thierry Mugler Original Perfume in 

In conjunction with Clarins Fragrance Group, Thierry Mugler introduced his first fragrance in 1992. The women’s perfume Angel, was the first to combine chocolate, vanilla and caramel as a base while various fruity tones help elevate the scent. This fragrance has proven to be so popular in France that it has occasionally outsold the legendary Chanel No. 5. Other popular Thierry Mugler fragrances for women include the Alien, Star and Angel series of scents while men’s colognes include A*men, Ice and B*men. Purchasing Thierry Mugler from is quick, simple, and fits any budget!

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