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Enzo Ferrari founded Scuderia Ferrari in 1929 as a sponsor of motorsport events and drivers and manufacturer of race cars. Initially Ferrari worked with Alfa Romeo and other and supplied them and other competitors with race cars. When in 1947 the production of street-legal vehicles began, the company changed their name to Ferrari S.p.A.
Today we know Ferrari as one of the big names and sponsors of the Formula One motorsport circuit and as a lifestyle brand that offers luxury cars. The brand`s logo, a black horse on a yellow background, is world-famous. Milestones in the company`s history were motorsport grand prix wins, the successful launch of road cars and the so-called supercars.

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In 1999 Ferrari made their first steps into a completely new direction by launching the brand`s first perfume, Ferrari Black. The oriental composition with sweet notes has been a commercial success since it had hit the shelves. While their cars are financially out of reach for most people, the fragrance gives the wearer the feeling of owning a piece of merchandise from a world-famous and exclusive luxury brand. In order to bring a piece of Ferrari to more and more homes, the brand soon launched their second fragrance, another one for men, in 2001. The name of the woody and mossy scent is Ferrari No. 1. In 2003 a new scent composed of elegant notes around an intense patchouli with the well thought-out name of Ferrari Racing was launched.

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2005 saw the presentation of another men`s fragrance called Passion. The bottle and the outer carton were coloured in the well-know Ferrari-red. A limited edition with the name Unlimited was launched the same year. The sweet, spicy and aromatic composition of Ferrari Extreme hit the shelves in 2006.As previous limited edition have proven successful, the men`s fragrance Ferrari Light Essence, the first one housed in a bottle that is neither red nor black, was released to the market in a blue bottle with a blue outer carton in 2007. In the beginning of 2009 Ferrari launched the supercar Scuderia Spider M16 and the woody, spicy and aromatic fragrance Ferrari Uomo. The presentation of the fragrance Scuderia Ferrari took place in 2010 - the same year that the new car model 458 was unveiled to the world.
While Ferrari cars are only available to the rich, the fragrances are reasonably priced and have gained a large fan-base.
Scuderia Ferrari or Team Ferrari was founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari as a sponsor of motorsport events where he prepared drivers to race Alfa Romeo cars until he was hired by them to head their motor racing department . Leaving Alfa Romeo in the late 1930s Ferrari was prohibited to race or design cars under his name for fours years, however, he did debut his first car in 1940 under the name of Auto-Avio Costruzioni, a company he formed to supply car parts. The first Ferrari car debuted in 1947 yet it was reluctantly built and sold only to fund Scuderia Ferrari.
1999 was the launch of Ferrari`s first men`s cologne, Ferrari Black. A second scent , Ferrari No. 1, again a men`s cologne was released in 2001. Other fragrances followed such as Ferrari Black Shine, Ferrari Extreme, Ferrari Red and Ferrari Uomo among others. While a car built by Ferrari is out of reach for most people, owning a bottle of the brand`s cologne is attainable by most and is most definitely something from the luxury brand of which one can call their owe.

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