Etienne Aigner AG is a luxury accessories house based in Munich, Germany.

Etienne Aigner AG is a luxury accessories house based in Munich, Germany. Founded by E.Aigner in 1949, the brand is known around the world for its quality and craftsmanship in bags, wallets and accessories, and for its signature dark red leather that echoes the color of fine chianti.Etienne.A was born in Hungary in 1904, and began his career as a bookbinder in Paris, 1926. His skill with leather became well-known and he gradually transitioned from bookbinding to crafting high-quality bags and belts for such top designers as Christian Dior. Sensing an opportunity, Aigner moved to New York in 1949 and began offering his handcrafted leather items out of his apartment. Mandy goods were produced in the dark red color, which was all he could afford at the time. That unique red shade would become his signature as much as the "A" logo that would eventually adorn his articles.

The brand`s logo—a letter "A" stylized as a horseshoe—reflects the ongoing influence of equestrian themes in the collection.By 1965, Aigner licensed his product to a German business man, Heiner H. Rankl, and the global business of Etienne Aigner was moving ahead at full steam.In the 1970s and 1980s, Etienne Aigner added to its product offerings such items as silk scarves, men`s and women`s clothing, watches, jewelry and fragrances.

Étienne Aigner was born in Érsekújvár, Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1904 (now Nové Zámky, Slovakia). Aigner was at first a bookbinder; shortly after the Second World War, he was creating custom-made high-end leather goods for a number of haute couture (high fashion) boutiques in Paris. Aigner established himself designing handbags and belts for the European fashion elite. In 1950, after successful apprenticeships with designers Christian Dior and Cristóbal Balenciaga, Aigner arrived in New York City from Paris with plans to launch his brand in the new burgeoning American market.Aigner’s older brother Lucien was a journalist and photographer.In 1950, he introduced his Antic Red leather open-pocket bag with angular processing (Antic Red being the brand`s signature color). He also perfected the Aigner logo after his monogram, the "a" for Aigner shaped into a horseshoe.[1]In 1959, Aigner opened his first showroom in Manhattan, New York City.In 2000, Etienne Aigner died in New York at the age of 96.

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