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JTC - Join The Club - includes ten perfumes representing ten different kind of virtual clubs. Fatal Charme is about elegance, glamour and fashion; Ivory Route is an adventure and travelling club; Marquee represents a theater club; Kind of Blue is all about jazz; 40 knots is a yachts club; Ascot Moon is a horse club; Birdie is for golf lovers; Comandante is for fine cigar lovers; Shunkoin is for meditation and More than Words captures the world of writers and poets.

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The ingredients of these fragrances are to be kept a secret. However, each fragrance will have its identification card with a number which one could use to join the real club of the owners of these perfumes. That’s how the concept goes from virtual clubs to forming a real one.
In frosty Siberia in 1947, a glowing fireball illuminated the dawn before elongating and shooting over the horizon. In its wake shimmered a trail of meteor dust. This meeting of heaven and earth inspired Xerjoff to create the Shooting Stars collection of twelve exquisite fragrances. Each Xerjoff scent is a modern classic, painstakingly crafted with old world artistry and the finest raw materials.

History of the brand Xerjoff

Among the collection is a fragrance to reflect every mood, from serenity to seduction. Each selection comes in a etched Tuscan glass bottle with a heavy, gold-plated top, and is enveloped in a silken pouch. This is the first time Xerjoff`s extraordinary fragrances have been offered in the United States. Try one. We think you`ll agree that Xerjoff`s Shooting Stars collection lies at the perfect nexus of luxury and fantasy.

Xerjoff in Baku

XJ17/17 Stone Label Collection Cut from natures raw elegance, the new XJ 17/17 - 100 ml bottles continue the marriage between earths beauty and man artistic nature. Once only available in Limited Edition Murano and Quartz stone art pieces, the new XJ 17/17 - 100 ml bottles offer a natural extension to the XJ line. Each bottle is fitted with a hand cut and hand polished quartz stone and each piece contains an exquisitely crafted scent representing mans union with nature. No two bottles are the same. Only the worlds finest ingredients from all corners of the world are used to create these masterful blends. “What is art? Nature concentrated.” Purchasing Xerjoff from Larose.az is quick, simple, and fits any budget!

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Entirely dedicated to the traditions of Arab perfume making, The Oud Stars collection is created with prestigious distillations of pure Oud from the plantations of Laos, India and Borneo. The crown jewel, Zafar, Oud From Laos that was matured for over 15 Years and rare Arabic Incense from Oman.

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