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Hugo Boss AG is a German fashion and lifestyle house, founded in 1924 by Hugo Boss.
Originating in Metzingen and still based there today, the company offers multiple lines of fashions and accessories under the core brands Hugo and Boss. The Boss brand offers the following lines: Boss Black, modern classic clothing and the broadest range of products; Boss Orange, more unique and Bohemian in style; Boss Selection, high-end menswear; Boss Green, focusing on sports and active wear. The Hugo brand is known for its fashion-forward, European-influenced styles. The company produces fragrances in conjunction with Proctor & Gamble Prestige.

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Fragrances for men and women are offered under both the Boss and Hugo brands. The first fragrance was Boss Number One for men, launched in 1985. After his first business failed due to the economic state of the country after World War I, Hugo Boss managed to find success with his second venture as the official supplier of uniforms to the SA and SS guards of Nazi Germany . Though he was fined heavily for his support of the Nazi party after World War II, his company was able to survive and transitioned into a suit making business. Hugo Boss died in 1948 and was unable to see the success of his enterprise in the post war era—the male fashion industry was on its way to establishing itself and the Hugo Boss brand was to be a major player.

History of Hugo Boss brand

By the 1960`s and 1970`s the Hugo Boss suit was the benchmark for quality and fashion. Under the guidance of his grandsons Uwe and Jochen Holy, the Hugo Boss brand was gradually reshaped into the international fashion powerhouse that we see today with high fashion clothing, accessories, footwear and fragrances. In 1985 Hugo Boss granted its first fragrance license for the men’s cologne, Boss Number One. Boss Elements was introduced in 1993 and for the younger demographic, Hugo for Men in 1995 and Hugo for Women in 1997. Many other Hugo Boss colognes have been launched since such as Baldessarini and the various In Motion colognes for men and Intense and Hugo XX perfumes for women. Hugo Boss fragrances are readily available and come in variety of different styles depending on the mood of the user.

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