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Here in Arabian Oud we understand that achieving leadership doesn`t come easily, and we have to consider the tiniest details to prove that we deserve Fore.
We strive to achieve perfection, diversity, improvements and luxury in all products. And we seek creativity in designing bottles and mixing fragrance and perfumes that present our heritage and our Arabian culture.

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Being the Scent of Luxury, Arabian Oud is a prominent and trusted name with over 30 years of expertise in the production of authentic scents. Winning first place in the Middle East, Africa and the 11th globally as classified by Euromonitor in 2013, and ranked as one of the strongest hundred brands in Saudi Arabia in 2013.

History of the brand Arabian Oud

The company manages a retail chain of 620 stores worldwide selling over 400 luxurious and unique fragrances. Arabian Oud has more than 3,700 employees serving customers across over 50 cities and 33 countries worldwide, from London to Paris and all across the Middle East with a dedication to quality and perfection in the art of perfumery.With more than thirty years of experience, success and confidence in the production of the finest unique Oriental perfumes and distinctive Western fragrances, a wide range of its products has been awarded worldwide, international and local awards against the most prestigious international companies in perfume industry.

Arabian Oud in Baku

This could have never been a reality without the support and trust of our customers and their continued desire to excellence, which increased our ambition to strive always for the best.Purchasing Arabian Oud from is quick, simple, and fits any budget!Whether you’re planing to buy this perfume for a friend, purchase it for yourself, or simply try out a sample, offers the best prices on Arabian Oud beauty products online. With excellent customer care, you’ll be sure to enjoy your new perfume soon. Please note that only provides products that are authentic from the top name brands, such as Arabian Oud. We do not and will not sell imitations. Order your choice of one of our Arabian Oud perfumes now! All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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